Monstrow Cycling Launch Party

Monstrow Official Launch Party and Ride

We at Monstrow Cycling would like to wish everyone a very happy holiday season and extend an invitation to our official launch ride and party. We all know how much stress the holiday season can cause within our bodies. What better way to relieve all that stress than to put the hammer down and climb legendary Glendora Mountain Road?

Come on out this coming Saturday, January 2 at 930am (10am rollout) to Pappas Artisanal in La Verne, California. We will provide 2 routes with a 24-mile easy-paced, ride and a 42-mile GMR tempo ride. The rides will both end at Pappas with food and beer provided free, courtesy of Monstrow, as a thank you for all your support. There will also be items that we will raffle away to raise funds and awareness for the newly formed Injured Cyclist Fund, which provides financial support to those injured whilst on the bike.

We will also have our entire line of products available to view, try-on, and purchase, should you feel so inclined. So please invite a buddy and come on out for some food, fun, and new friends!


GMR route rolls at 10am. Please arrive 15-30 minutes early to sign waiver forms.

Mellow route rolls at 11am. Please arrive 15-30 minutes early to sign waiver forms.

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